Let Go, or Die Tryin’

Updated: Apr 1

Alas, the vernal (spring) equinox is upon us. To translate, “vernal” means “new” or “fresh,” as evidenced by sightings of budding foliage and sounds of birds chirping. The vernal equinox marks the turning point when daylight begins to win out over darkness. Hence, we “spring ahead in time,” and daylight hours are longer. As for myself, I’m overly excited to transition out of Pisces season, not that it wasn’t eye-opening. Pisces season, represented by the moon tarot card, illuminates the unconscious, shadow side. Life is both dark and light—opposites like yin and yang. The shadow can inform the light, just as the moon illuminates the dark night sky.

But often, the shadow side is not pretty. It’s not something we generally embrace with open arms because it entails looking at ourselves and our life with scrutiny. As much inner work as I’ve done over the years, I still continually take inventory—assess what isn’t working and make adjustments if necessary. Let’s face it, when things are glaringly obvious, we have no choice but to suffer or adapt.

We can look back at where we were, where we are now, and where we wish to go.

Maybe we don’t want to go anywhere, this spot is comfortable, so we stay.

….but how do we truly grow without movement? You can choose comfort or growth. Your soul will always push you towards growth, it’s part of your purpose. If it’s not a positive contribution to your soul’s evolution, it will be removed. Let go, or die tryin’ (in my 50 Cent voice). We wouldn’t have spring without the fall foliage dying out, so new life can emerge. The old dies out so the new can be born.

It’s ok to look back at our past, the old version of ourselves, and honor that time for the lessons it taught us. Then, it’s time to keep it movin’! Close doors to your past so new ones can open and you can walk through them with a fresh perspective and clear mind. Don’t carry the baggage of your past into the life that awaits you. In any case, those events of the past no longer exist, except in your memory.

Create space to manifest new, positive experiences and invite in energy that matches your vibration. To grow means to release mindsets, beliefs, people, places, things, jobs, etc. that no longer align with who you have become and that is OK — the universe always moves toward the best, so, you’re good.

Springtime feels hopeful to me because it signifies new beginnings. It’s especially powerful this year with all the sudden changes the planet has gone through. A GPS will always course correct, even when you take a wrong turn. So have no fear that wherever you are headed, it will be the right destination for you at this moment in time. Life may not always give us what we want, but it definitely gives us what we need. Rest assured, everything in life has a reason or a season. That door closed for a reason, move into your new season. Adventure awaits!

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