The 🔑 - “Abundance Mindset”

The most important tool I’ve learned over the years is the power of an abundance mindset. What is an abundance mindset? Very simply, it’s knowing you are 100% supported by the universe and are always being given everything you need. Much of the conflict in this world results from fear, or that somehow you do not have enough. We see it evidenced in how countries compete for resources and dominion over one another. Fear, stemming from a lack mindset, will put you in a constant state of anxiety and worry, believing you don’t have enough, but it is not so. The problem lies in your mindset, not your circumstances; your life is merely a reflection of your beliefs, which, from a spiritual perspective, are completely engineered by you. “If you believe it, you will see it.”

You can apply these concepts to relationships as well and see how your mindset determines your reality. In my personal journey, I realized that operating from a lack mindset was drawing in people, places, and things that only affirmed that belief system— more lack. I attracted partners who were notoriously non-committal, because a lack mindset never thinks it has enough so it needs other suitors around as a backup. The true wake up call was realizing that I had a lack mindset which was why I was manifesting those experiences. At first, it was unconscious; I wasn’t aware of my pattern.

However, when I re-programmed my thoughts and adopted an abundance mindset, I noticed my reality arranging itself accordingly; I was meeting people who were secure within themselves, knowing they were enough (spiritually). Others were simply mirroring me. The key is knowing you are not the Source, the Source is infinite, so there is no lack. This drastic shift happened because I now believe I am enough; there is nothing outside of myself that can complete me. In other words, whatever came and went out of my life didn’t affect my security and faith in myself, but most of all, my faith in Divine Source energy. I was now grounded and rooted in my core spiritual values. Spiritual laws supersede man-made laws, because Divine intelligence works for the greatest good of the collective. Cultivate rock solid values — pillars to build your life on, and watch your world rearrange itself.

The key is knowing you are not the Source, the Source is infinite, so there is no lack.

Values and beliefs ultimately steer your life. For example, if I value health and wellness, I will make choices that are congruent with those values (i.e. exercise, eating healthy, self-care, etc.). What are you placing value on? Your energy is precious and not to be squandered. When you invest in yourself and strengthen your values, you attract bigger and better. I learned not to give away my energy to whoever crossed my path, which took discipline and boundaries. Trust me, coming from an Indian family, where I was raised with certain cultural beliefs, it wasn’t easy to put myself first to protect my own wellbeing. But the more I got in touch with who I was, certain things became non-negotiables, including tolerating nonsense or drama. I cleared out everything that no longer served my evolution, ultimately, so I could be of greater service to my mission and purpose in this lifetime. My dharma is to serve where I am meant to serve and to be a conduit of light. Your light has to be switched on and shining bright to illuminate the pathway for others.

An abundance mindset is represented well by the Empress major arcana tarot card. The Empress sits on a throne. This diva knows her worth!

She is lush and abundant, surrounded by nature and greenery. Representing fertility, her garden is always growing; fruit is plentiful in her world. She is a divine mother who nurtures life. The scepter in her hand is representative of her power over life. She often depicts the creation of life, romance, art, or business. Forget about being in her bag, she is the bag! The Empress doesn’t get off her throne, like a magnet, she simply attracts or draws to her those experiences that match her vibration. She lives like royalty.

What experiences are you attracting? Do they resonate with your soul? Are you aligned with your value and worth? You set your value, others respond to your frequency. Essentially, we train people how to treat us. You are responsible for that exchange. Learn to raise your value. You’re a pretty expensive commodity. Not everyone can buy in on your stock. You deserve the best, let go of the rest.

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